Foggy Friday

After a day of rain and clouds, sun and a rainbow Friday afternoon has turned foggy for some motorist. Comments to the Facebook page as … Read more

Dense Fog In Area

High Country motorist use caution as dense fog has moved into the area – 12:37pm

Monday 1/23 Weather Reports

6:50am – getting several reports via social media about temperatures at or close to 32 degrees on the eastern end of the county, while most … Read more

Continued Dense Fog

11:29pm via twitter- Dense fog starts at Wilkes/Watauga line on 421 roads are dry and temp is 31 degrees. 221 light fog dry roads 7pm … Read more

Dense Fog

(Updated 2:20pm) 7:50am – Getting several reports of very dense fog along highway 421. Visibility down to near zero at times. Dense Fog Advisory in … Read more