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Advertise is your constantly-updated source for information that impacts locals, students, and visitors. Our community depends on WataugaOnline.comto bring the latest in news, weather, road conditions and more. The site has recently been redesigned to be more user friendly for desktop and mobile viewing! currently averages nearly 1.5 MILLION website page views yearly. With a social media reach of over 37,000 followers on Facebook, over 10,000 Twitter followers and the recently launched Instagram page, the social media shares and retweets measures over 1.5 million annually! That’s a combined reach of 3 MILLION YEARLY! set new hourly, daily, weekly and monthly page view records while covering the breaking news of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak. Over 84,000 page views were recorded alone on Sunday, March 15. Through the period of Sunday, March 15 through Sunday, March 22 over 363,300 page views were recorded.

That'a large audience and RESULTS!!

Here’s how your business message works for you 24/7.

NOW AVAILABLE!! Social Posts: Your logo, link and related content appears a minimum of once per day on our social posts. For branding purposes, you choose the type of post content you would like to be associated with (Weather, Traffic Alerts, Nature Shots, etc.) A truly STANDALONE opportunity, only available here. The single most targeted way to reach the Watauga County consumer. Also includes Sidebar Ad described below.

Banner ads: Appears at top of all pages, includes link to your website or FB page, 468 X 60 px. Rotates in blocks of 4 per page. Same position for both desktop and mobile. Stand alone banner ad, 728 X 90 px also avaiable.

Sidebar and In-Content Ads: On the right side of posted content on desktop and within articles on mobile. Each ad rotates evenly. Includes up to 2 graphics/photos and up to 300 characters in side bar ad. In-Content ads on mobile devices are limited to 1 graphic/photo and text limited to two lines.

Text Ad Sidebar and In-Content Ad: On the right side of posted content on desktop up to 300 characters with link to your site. Within articles on mobile text is limited to two lines.

Logo Ad: Your business’s logo with link to your site.

Podcast Ad: Produced weekly, 3 mentions per episode@ beginning, middle and end. Logo included on website, placed adjacent to Podcast Widget.

Feature Sponsorships and Presenting Sponsorships Available such as Traffic Alerts, WebCams, Closings and Cancellations

Pricing upon request. Contact kr@wataugaonline,com or 828-964-2170

Banner ads in traditional desktop view


Sidebar ads in traditional desktop view


Banner ads in mobile view

For pricing information email or call 828-964-2170.


In content ads in mobile view


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