Boone Wind Gust History

*Updated Wednesday, December 21, 2022*

*Author note from Kenneth Reece* –  After a wind gust of 68 mph in Boone on Sunday April 3, 2016 my curiosity was piqued to research how often that had happen, so into weather data I dove. Surprisingly there was not one place that had information already put together about wind, much like when I researched and put together the pages on High Country Tornado History and High Country Earthquake History

In looking back through data from the Watauga Medical Center reporting station, all 4,611 days that wind data was available, I was quite surprised to not only learn how many times there had been a gust of 60mph or more, but how many times a 70mph+ gust had occurred. Take note that wind gust data was only available from September 1, 2005.

50 times 60 mph gusts or more have been recorded, of those 4 were 70 mph or more. Below are the gusts in mph with the dates and times recorded. This list will be updated as either more past historical data is found and as newer gusts are recorded. For a history of Boone Wind Chill History visit this page. 

Wind rose graphic courtesy of the State Climate Office of North Carolina. It shows the wind speed and direction from March 30, 2001 to December 21, 2022. Gusts for that station are below.

Mile Per Hour (MPH)DateTime
75December 27, 2012 3:35am
72April 17, 20071:22am
71April 16, 2007 12:03am
70December 21, 2012 7:35pm
68January 17, 20228:39am
68January 25, 20062:03am
68April 3, 20161:35am
67January 24, 200611:23pm
67February 22, 200712:22am
67February 10, 20108:01pm
67December 20, 201211:55pm
67December 22, 201212:35am
67June 13, 20133:55pm
67March 30, 20146:35am
67December 12, 201723:55pm
67December 5, 20191:55am
66May 12, 20084:21pm
66December 7, 20103:02am
66January 24, 20136:15am
65Sunday Feb 24 (year unconfirmed)
64April 15, 200712:41am
64February 26, 20106:40am
64March 101:35pm
64March 10, 201710:15am
64April 16, 201811:15pm
63January 14, 20064:02pm
63February 10, 20082:43pm
63May 11, 200812:03am
63March 29, 20098:01pm
63December 31, 201312:15am
63July 8, 20166:55pm
63February 254:35am
63April 17, 201812:35am
62December 28, 20099:01pm
62February 14, 20112:22pm
62December 26, 201210:35pm
62February 3, 20135:15pm
62January 7, 20142:35am
62February 15, 20154:35am
62February 13, 20162:55am
62April 2, 201610:35pm
61April 3, 200610:03pm
61December 22, 2020
61January 20, 2021
60December 9, 20057:23am
60January 8, 20079:45am
60February 23, 20074:03am
60February 12, 20099:41am
60December 28, 20115:55am
60October 30, 20125:35am
60February 17, 20132:35pm
60March 2, 201712:35pm
60March 2, 201712:55pm
60January 9, 2019,10:35am

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