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March 1960 Boone Snowfall Photos

Last Updated on March 26, 2022 2:52 pm

A former resident of Watauga County has shared photos he discovered dating back to 1960.

Curtis Hubbard, a 1986 graduate of Watauga High School, has shared with photos that his grandfather, Glenn Thomas, took in March 1960 during or after a winter storm or a series of storms. The photos show various locations around and near downtown Boone including the Post Office, the Daniel Boone Hotel and portions of the Appalachian State campus.

The exact day or days the photos were taken was unclear. Three winter storm events took place in March 1960, according to the North Carolina Climate Office Winter Storm Database.

18 inches was recorded in the first storm starting from 12 am March 2nd to 12 am March 3rd.

16 inches was recorded in the second storm starting from 12 am March 9 to 12 am March 10.

The third storm record recorded 5.5 inches starting from 12 am March 11 to 12 am March 13.

Photos by Glenn Thomas and used by permission of Curtis Hubbard.

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