Flood Prone Areas of Watauga County

*Originally published September 26, 2018 – Updated Thursday, February 6, 2020*

As the calendar year 2018 became the all-time wettest year on record for Boone and Watauga County, there was a surge of questions coming in during the summer asking which locations in Boone and countywide flood quickly. 

Since this site, and the related social media outlets, report extensively on local weather and travel conditions, this reference page had been on my mind to do for the last several years. I finally put the plan in action after the remnants of Hurricane Florence moved through the area leading to even more questions coming in. 

Much like researching and compiling the information for the High Country Earthquake History page, the High Country Tornado Data page and the Boone Wind Gust History page I realized there was not an easily found online local resource to provide flooding information. Make note in the disclaimer below, this page is published as an advisory tool only.

Below is a list of easily flood-prone areas during heavy rain and storm events. This page is provided as an advisory tool for flood hazard awareness.  The information SHOULD NOT be used as the primary resource for making official flood zone determinations for insurance, lending, or other related purposes. The list does not necessarily identify all areas subject to flooding but will be updated to reflect locations as needed.

The flood information locations contained on this page is based on previous reporting by WataugaOnline.com, it's related social media outlets, information from local law enforcement and EMS officials.


Boone airport area

Moose Lodge/Deerfield area

Convocation Center to Boone Mall to Walmart areas – along but not limited to highway 321

Zeb Street area to Bavarian Village

Ingles to Super 8 along highway 105

Casey Lane bridge

Brookshire Road

New River Hills

 the intersection of Hwy 421 and Hwy 194 near New Market Center/Perkinsville intersection at Jefferson Road

Watauga County

Watauga River Road

Valle Crucis School area

Shull's Mill near old Turnpike/Hound Ears area

Roby Greene Road

Dell Coffey Rd near Roby Greene Rd

River Road

Herb Thomas Road at the Watauga River

 old Cove Creek School/Sugar Grove

along old highway 421 in Zionville

Low water bridges in the county:

Dewitt Barnett Road bridge

Guy Ford Road bridge

Hubert Thomas Road bridge

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