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App State Student-Athletes Extend 3.0 GPA Streak to 21 Semesters

Last Updated on January 19, 2023 11:19 am

BOONE, N.C. — App State student-athletes extended their impressive streak to 21 consecutive semesters with a cumulative GPA above 3.0 thanks to their impressive academic performances during the 2022 fall.

The Mountaineers ended the fall with a 3.13 semester GPA for all student-athletes, contributing to a 3.21 cumulative GPA for all student-athletes. The semester average jumped 0.13 points from the 2021 fall to the 2022 fall.
Additionally, 190 student-athletes earned recognition on either the Chancellor's List or Dean's List.
The 65 student-athletes on the Chancellor's List were full-time students with a GPA of 3.85 or higher during the fall, with inclusion determined solely by the performance in courses that earn credits toward graduation.
The 125 members of the Dean's List either posted a GPA of 3.45 or higher while carrying 12-14 academic hours or a GPA of 3.25 or higher while carrying at least 15 academic hours. Every App State Athletics program had at least two team members make the Dean's List.

Every program at App State finished the fall with a semester GPA above 2.8, led by a 3.49 from volleyball. Every program at App State also has a cumulative GPA above 2.95, led by soccer with a 3.6.
On the men's side, cross country led the way with a 3.24 semester GPA and is No. 1 with a 3.379 cumulative GPA.
In September, when the Sun Belt Conference had more than 2,000 student-athletes named to the Commissioner's List and Academic Honor Roll for the 2021-22 school year, App State had a league-high 211 selections on the two lists.

Teams (Alphabetical Order)Fall Semester GPA
Field Hockey3.42
Men's Basketball2.82
Men's Cross Country3.24
Men's Golf3.10
Men's Track & Field2.84
Women's Basketball3.19
Women's Cross Country3.45
Women's Golf3.27
Women's Track & Field3.26
Teams (Alphabetical Order)Cumulative GPA
Field Hockey3.374
Men's Basketball3.083
Men's Cross Country3.379
Men's Golf3.23
Men's Track & Field2.98
Women's Basketball3.17
Women's Cross Country3.55
Women's Golf3.44
Women's Track & Field3.36
Chancellor's List
Baseball                            Hayden Cross             Mathematics – Secondary Education
Women's Basketball      Lexi Grant                General Mathematics
Cheerleading                   Tiffany Baity               Nursing
Cheerleading                   Abigail Bernard          Communication – Advertising
Cheerleading                   Erin Choi                      Sustainable Development
Cheerleading                   Emma Conley             Social Work
Cheerleading                   Olivia Gaines              Elementary Education
Cheerleading                   Ashley Macom           Accounting
Cheerleading                   Kristen Roach             Communication Sciences and Disorders
Cheerleading                   Olivia Rotan                Exercise Science
Field Hockey                    Charlotte Bosma       Applied Physics
Field Hockey                    Sarah Callery              General Marketing
Field Hockey                    Addie Clark                 Art Management
Field Hockey                    Ruby Clark                   Cell/Molecular Biology
Field Hockey                    Samantha Connors   Exercise Science
Field Hockey                    Pauline Mangold       Exercise Science
Field Hockey                    Sarah Perkins             Exercise Science
Football                            Connor Barry              General Marketing
Football                            Carter Everett            General Marketing
Football                            David Hernandez       Computer Information Systems
Football                            Orlando Leon             Undecided
Football                            Brady McBride           Recreation & Park Management
Football                            Craig McFarland        Economics
Football                            Eli Wilson                    Management
Women's Golf                 Sara Adams                 Communication – Advertising
Women's Soccer            Liney Brantley            Communication Studies
Women's Soccer            Riley Terrill                     Elementary Education
Women's Soccer            Kerry Eagleston         Social Work
Women's Soccer            Gracie Giacoletto       Biochemistry
Women's Soccer            Carly Lantz                  Exercise Science
Women's Soccer            Izzy Lusardi           General Marketing
Women's Soccer            Emma McGibany       Biochemistry
Women's Soccer            Sarah Widderich        Sustainable Development
Softball                             Delani Buckner          Psychology – Education
Softball                             Claire Carson              Political Science
Softball                             Makena Fidler            Recreation & Park Management
Softball                             Addison Jones            Psychology – Health Services
Softball                             Taylor Thorp               Exercise Science & Criminal Justice
Women's Tennis            Brooke Demerath     Computer Information Systems
Women's Tennis            Maggie Pate               Accounting
Women's Tennis            Virginia Poggi             Exercise Science
Men's T&F/XC                 Patrick Freeman        General Geography
Men's T&F/XC                 Calbert Guest             Mathematics – Business
Men's T&F/XC                 Caleb Kirchhoff          Finance and Banking
Men's T&F/XC                 Luke Lair                      History
Men's T&F/XC                 Oliver Wilson-Cook   Outdoor Experiential Education
Women's T&F/XC          Celia Agee                   Elementary Education
Women's T&F/XC          Catherine Breault      Ecology, Evolution & Environmental Biology
Women's T&F/XC          Madison Christy        Communication, Advertising
Women's T&F/XC          Bianca Copeman       Communication Studies
Women's T&F/XC          Jasmine Donohue     Exercise Science
Women's T&F/XC          Elizabeth Fuller          Psychology – Business
Women's T&F/XC          Abby Granberg       Exercise Science
Women's T&F/XC          Morgan Kornke          Dietetics
Women's T&F/XC          Megan Plummer       Family and Child Studies
Women's T&F/XC          Ava Studney               Exercise Science
Volleyball                         Sam Bickley      Computer Information Systems
Volleyball                         Lily Harvey          Cell/Molecular Biology
Volleyball                         Tess Herendeen         Biochemistry
Volleyball                         Cierra Huntley            Public Health
Volleyball                         Lauren Pledger          Construction Management
Volleyball                         Kenady Roper            Exercise Science
Wrestling                         Levi Andrews              Health & Physical Educ, K-12
Wrestling                         Chopper Mordecai    Political Science
Wrestling                         Nicholas Woodruff    Undecided
Dean's List
Baseball                            Jordan Fisher              Management
Baseball                            Alexander Hamilton  Accounting
Baseball                            Greyson Laspaluto    Accounting
Baseball                            Cy Smith                      Nutrition & Foods
Baseball                            Austin St. Laurent     Marketing – Sales
Baseball                            Jackson Steensma     Biochemistry
Baseball                            Bradley Wilson           General Management
Men's Basketball            CJ Huntley Recreation & Park Management
Men's Basketball            Andrew Muse            Health & Physical Educ, K-12
Women's Basketball      Nadiyah Byard           Psychology – Human Services
Women's Basketball      Chaé Harris                Nutrition & Foods
Women's Basketball      Zada Porter                 Communications – Public Relations
Cheerleading                   Shi Barnhardt    Nursing
Cheerleading                   Mary Beam                 Interior Design
Cheerleading                   Elizabeth Bullins        Criminal Justice
Cheerleading                   Gina Gallo                   Exercise Science
Cheerleading                   Madison McDonald  Cell/Molecular Biology
Cheerleading                   Kathryn Miller            Nursing
Cheerleading                   Gabriella RodriguesManagement – Human Resources
Cheerleading                   Angelo Scionti            Exercise Science
Cheerleading                   Amelia Vanwormer   Actuarial Science
Cheerleading                   Liza Warner      Interior Design
Cheerleading                   Grace Wilkins             International Business
Cheerleading                   Valencia Williams      Exercise Science
Cheerleading                   Ashlyn Wooten          Interior Design
Field Hockey                    Lise Boekaar               Criminal Justice
Field Hockey                    Allison Corey              Cell/Molecular Biology
Field Hockey                    Claire Grenis               Environmental Science
Field Hockey                    Hadley Kuzmicky       Exercise Science
Field Hockey                    Jillian Orcutt               Exercise Science
Field Hockey                    Henriette Stegen       General Marketing
Field Hockey                    Fien Zwaan                 Cell/Molecular Biology
Football                           Kyle Arnholt               History
Football                           Cole Becker                Management
Football                           Nate Blanton Jr.         Sustainable Development
Football                           Tre Caldwell               Exercise Science
Football                           Anderson Castle        Management
Football                           Damion Daley            Exercise Science
Football                           DeAndre Dingle-PrinceGeneral Marketing
Football                           Troy Everett               Communication Studies
Football                           Jake Ganoe                  Construction Management
Football                           Carter Greene            Exercise Science
Football                           Sammy Henderson   Exercise Science
Football                           Peter Hennigan          Construction Management
Football                            Michael Hetzel           Accounting & Finance & Banking
Football                            Ethan Johnson           Criminal Justice
Football                            David Larkins              Management
Football                            Chris Lyle                     Recreation & Park Management
Football                           Colston Powers          Management
Football                           Jayden Ramsey          Management
Football                           Kaedin Robinson       Communication, Advertising
Football                           Gerry Synder              General Marketing
Football                           Coen Sutton               Exercise Science
Men's Golf                       Josh Buxbaum            Marketing – Sales
Men's Golf                       Herman Huus             Digital Marketing
Men's Golf                       Lukas Jonsson            Applied Physics
Women's Golf                 Shani Brynard            General Management
Women's Golf                 Ekaterina ProkhorovaGeneral Management
Women's Golf                 Jacquelyn Taylor        Actuarial Science
Women's Golf                 Hannah Wang            Recreation Management
Women's Soccer            Hayley Boyles             Supply Chain Management
Women's Soccer            Olivia Cohen               Exercise Science
Women's Soccer            Addison Cooper         Management
Women's Soccer            Felicia Erkenfeldt       Applied Physics
Women's Soccer            Katelin Fuller              Exercise Science
Women's Soccer            Megan Gregg             Cell/Molecular Biology
Women's Soccer            Isabel Guisasola         Communication, Advertising
Women's Soccer            Anna Kate HighsmithExercise Science
Women's Soccer            Jazzmin Salters           Exercise Science
Women's Soccer            Katie Schumacher     Criminal Justice
Women's Soccer            Lela Stark                    Exercise Science
Women's Soccer            Shannon Studer         Healthcare Management
Women's Soccer            Gabriella Tremonti    Elementary Education
Softball                             Kathleen Barton        Communication, Advertising
Softball                             Hannah Forbes   Cell/Molecular Biology
Softball                             Alannah Hopkins       Exercise Science
Softball                             Kayt Houston         Psychology – Human Services
Softball                             Kylie LaRousa             Special Education
Softball                             Ambry Lucas               Exercise Science
Softball                             McKenzie McCullen  Psychology – Health Studies
Softball                             Sejal Neas                   Exercise Science
Softball                             Kaylie Northrop         Communication, Advertising
Softball                             Emily Parrott              Biology – Secondary Education
Softball                             Lilly Runaas                 Exercise Science
Women's Tennis            Riley Collins                Health Care Management
Women's Tennis            Erika Dodridge           Psychology – Human Services
Women's Tennis            Brooke Gruber           Finance and Banking
Women's Tennis            Olwyn Ryan-Bovey       Exercise Science
Men's T&F/XC                 Ethan Barber              Applied Physics
Men's T&F/XC                 Chase Burrell              Industrial Design
Men's T&F/XC                 Taylor Fox                   Exercise Science
Men's T&F/XC                 Rylan Haskett             Computer Information Systems
Men's T&F/XC                 Nathan Karl                History
Men's T&F/XC                 Parker Kinney             Exercise Science
Men's T&F/XC                 Ethan Lipham             Environmental Science
Men's T&F/XC                 Jackson Nichols          Exercise Science
Men's T&F/XC                 Nicholas Scrocco       Environmental Science
Men's T&F/XC                 Jacob Stanley             Exercise Science
Men's T&F/XC                 Ryan Teuscher           Computer Information Systems
Men's T&F/XC                 Niejel Wilkins             Public Health
Women's T&F/XC          Lucia GarciaExercise Science
Women's T&F/XC          Nevaeh Haddock       Political Science
Women's T&F/XC          Karsyn Kane                Elementary Education
Women's T&F/XC          Linnea Maynard        Environmental Science
Women's T&F/XC          Khalilah Razzak          Accounting
Women's T&F/XC          Alexis Svoboda           Psychology – Natural Sciences
Women's T&F/XC          Maya Sweeney          Exercise Science
Women's T&F/XC          Daye Talley                 Exercise Science
Volleyball                         Lulu Ambrose        Marketing – Sales
Volleyball                         Madison Baldridge    Exercise Science
Volleyball                         McCall Denny             Nutrition & Health
Volleyball                         Morgan Flores           Public Health
Volleyball                         Sarah Missroon          Public Health
Volleyball                         Alec Quinn     Geology
Volleyball                         Caroline Reeder         Risk Management and Insurance
Volleyball                         Maya Winterhoff       Elementary Education
Wrestling                         Hunter Adams            General Management
Wrestling                         Chad Bellis                  Computer Information Systems
Wrestling                         Riley Edwards             Construction Management
Wrestling                         Heath Gonyer            General Marketing
Wrestling                         Nicholas Grizales       Criminal Justice
Wrestling                         Kaden Keiser              Exercise Science
Wrestling                         Noah Luna                  Digital Marketing
Wrestling                         Braden Welch            Psychology – Natural Sciences
Wrestling                         Joe Zovistoski             General Marketing
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