Weekend Rainbows Sept 25-27, 2015

Even with all the rain over the weekend several High Country motorist were able to catch the sight of rainbows across the county. Photos: Jason Cornett Photo: Wynn Greer   … Read more

Hail Storms Bring Rainbows – April 20, 2015

After at least three rounds of storms, that included heavy rain and pea size hail, some area residents captured a rainbow late in the day on Monday. A much welcome … Read more

Hail and Rainbows – May 2, 2012

The storm that blew through the High Country on Wednesday May 2, brought two unusual sights around the are – hail and double rainbows. Hail storm on highway 105 by … Read more

Saturday Rainbows

The facebook and twitter pages received several rainbow pictures from Saturday afternoon. Here’s some of them. You can find more pictures from March here. Photo by James South Brookshire Road … Read more

Boone Rainbows

Rainbow pictures in Boone around 10:30 this morning

Early Morning Rainbows

Great shot of a rainbow in Vilas around 7:45am by Gary Degler. Picture number 2 was captured in Boone around 7:50ish by Marissa Bond. Picture 3 was captured above Greenway … Read more

November Rainbows

[lg_image folder=”November 2011/” image=”double rainbow.jpg” caption=”Double rainbow, Nov 16, by David Eller” align=”left” display=”thumb”]After heavy rains passed through the area on Wednesday afternoon some High Country travelers were treated to … Read more