Weekend Rainbows Sept 25-27, 2015

Even with all the rain over the weekend several High Country motorist were able to catch the sight of rainbows across the county. Photos: Jason … Read more

Saturday Rainbows

The facebook and twitter pages received several rainbow pictures from Saturday afternoon. Here’s some of them. You can find more pictures from March here. Photo … Read more

Boone Rainbows

Rainbow pictures in Boone around 10:30 this morning

Early Morning Rainbows

Great shot of a rainbow in Vilas around 7:45am by Gary Degler. Picture number 2 was captured in Boone around 7:50ish by Marissa Bond. Picture … Read more

November Rainbows

[lg_image folder=”November 2011/” image=”double rainbow.jpg” caption=”Double rainbow, Nov 16, by David Eller” align=”left” display=”thumb”]After heavy rains passed through the area on Wednesday afternoon some High … Read more

Multiple Double Rainbow Pics

We have received several double rainbow pics today. Many more can be found in in the October photo album on the photos page.