Early Morning Rainbows

Last Updated on December 13, 2011 8:12 am

Great shot of a rainbow in Vilas around 7:45am by Gary Degler. Picture number 2 was captured in Boone around 7:50ish by Marissa Bond. Picture 3 was captured above Greenway Baptist Church parking lot by Chuck Huntley.

[lg_image folder=”December 2011/” image=”rainbow12132011.jpg” caption=”Rainbow in Vilas, Photo by Gary Degler, Dec 13,2011″ align=”left” display=”thumb”]

[lg_image folder=”December 2011/” image=”rainbow_2_12132011.jpg” caption=”Rainbow in Boone around 7:50ish. Photo by Marissa Bond, Dec 13, 2011″ align=”left” display=”thumb”]

[lg_image folder=”December 2011/” image=”churchsteeplerainbow.jpg” caption=” Greenway Baptist parking lot this morning. Photo by Chuck Huntley , Dec 13,2011″ align=”left” display=”thumb”]

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