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Year-To-Date Rainfall Below Average at Grandfather Mountain

Last Updated on July 8, 2014 3:24 pm

Pleasant temperatures and below-average rainfall made June 2014 a comfortable month atop Grandfather Mountain in Linville.

Staff recorded 2.51 inches of rain at the Mile High Swinging Bridge (five days were not recorded), 4.29 inches of rain outside the Nature Museum and 5.11 inches of rain at the Entrance Gate.

Grandfather Mountain has tallied 26.5 inches of rain at the top since Jan. 1, about 17 percent less precipitation than the normal year-to-date amount of 32.05 inches, a figure based on 58 years of weather recording.

June temperatures were unremarkable on the Mountain, which measured an average high temperature of 65.8 degrees and an average low temperature of 54.8 degrees at the Mile High Swinging Bridge.

Those mild temperatures were slightly warmer than Mount Mitchell to the south, which had an average high of 64 and average low of 51.3 degrees.

Temperatures at Grandfather Mountain's Mile High Swinging Bridge ranged from 46 degrees to 74 degrees in June.

Wind gusts above 60 mph were recorded only once, on June 5, when the anemometer measured a gust of 64.15 mph.

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