Winkler Hall To Be Imploded June 1, 2014. Select Streets Around ASU To Be Impacted

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Residents of downtown Boone in areas near Stadium Drive will hear a loud noise Sunday morning, June 1, as Contract Drilling and Blasting LLC implodes Winkler Hall at Appalachian State University. The implosion will take place at approximately 8 a.m., weather permitting.

Falcon Engineering Inc. is the designer in charge for the demolition.

As a safety precaution, a 1,000-foot perimeter has been identified by the contractors, D.H. Griffin Company, beyond which only authorized personnel will be admitted. This perimeter extends to portions of Rivers Street and Stadium Drive, and from Bodenheimer Drive to the former Broyhill Events Center.

Because a clear line of sight outside the safety perimeter is limited, the implosion can be viewed by webcast here. Alternately, the College Street Parking Deck on campus will have limited space for viewing.

*As seen from Frank Hall via ASU streaming feed. Make sure to have sound on to hear the implosion start*

*As seen from Gardner Hall via ASU streaming feed*

Via YouTube

Via YouTube

Video: Nelson Aerials

Winkler Hall Demolition: Before, During, and After from Nelson Aerials on Vimeo.

Photos: Nelson Aerials












Implosion webcast from Frank Hall

Implosion webcast from Gardner Hall

iPhone/iPad/IOS Stream from Gardner Hall

iPhone/iPad/IOS Stream from Frank Hall

Access to Stadium Drive will be restricted to essential vehicles only beginning at 6 a.m. and will be closed 30 minutes prior to and following the blast.

Vehicles parked in the Stadium Lot must be moved by 6 p.m. Saturday, May 31, or they will be towed.

Demolition experts on site will issue a siren warning five minutes and one minute prior to the implosion. The series of blasts and the building's implosion will last approximately 12 seconds. Safety measures will be taken to contain the dust that will follow. Vibrations from the implosion should be minimal.

Built in 1974, the 11-story residence hall housed 132 students in single bedrooms. Because the cost to renovate Winkler Hall proved to be impractical, the building is being razed. The site will be analyzed as a potential site for a new residence hall.

Winkler Hall depicted in a 1974 photo shortly after it opened. (Photo courtesy of ASU University Archives)


Winkler Hall depicted in April 2014 (Photo by Marie Freeman)

Photos: Nelson Aerials





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