Water To Be Shut Off In Sections Of Boone On Friday For Repair Work

Last Updated on March 8, 2018 4:26 pm

The Town of Boone will cut off water to some locations in Boone on Friday to repair a water leak.

The work will occured on Highway 421 from Old Bristol Road to Caldwell Community College. On Friday, March 9 if the weather permits, water service will be interrupted beginning at 2pm until the repair is completed. Places impacted will be  Highway 421 from Old Bristol Road to Caldwell Community College also affecting Pinnacle Drive, Oak Grove Road, George Wilson Road, Earl Lyons Road .

To avoid additional inconveniences the Town offers the following suggestions:

1. Due to the periodic interruption of service, you may want to draw out some water to have on hand for drinking and cooking.

2. If you have an electric hot water heater or if your gas heater is not automatic with thermostat control, it is advisable to turn off the hot water heater until after water service has been restored.

3. If you leave the premises before water has been restored, make sure that all faucets and water taps are shut off and all drains and sink waste lines are open and not blocked.

4. If you have a refrigerator, which is water-cooled be sure to shut it off as soon as the water is turned off and do not operate it until water service has been restored. You may experience some “banging” in the pipes when water service is restored. This is due to air that has entered the pipes. It is no cause for alarm. Also, the water may appear cloudy. This is also caused by air in the pipes. What you see are actually many tiny air bubbles. This discoloration should clear up after the water runs for a few minutes.

If you have any questions contact their office at (828) 268-6250.

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