Watauga County buildings to reopen to public Monday June 1, 2020

Last Updated on February 17, 2023 9:22 am

Effective Monday, June 1, 2020 – Watauga County buildings will reopen to the public. That's according to Deron Geouque, Watauga County Manager.

All County departments and operations will operate on normal hours. The public is encouraged to utilize online services –website, online payment, email, and telephone to limit visiting facilities.

All visitors conducting business at County facilities for their safety and others are strongly recommended to wear face coverings/masks.

Additionally, some lobby areas in each office may need to limit the number of people allowed into their waiting areas as the lobbies of each department vary in size.

The County has modified facilities and proecedures to increase safety of staff and visitors. Individuals requiring non-court related services housed in the courthouse are strongly encouraged to call ahead to avoid long wait times and ensure the most efficient manner of service due to renewal of court system operations.

County services housed in the courthouse are:

Board of Elections – (828) 265-8061 Link to Board of Elections Website

  1. Voter Registration Forms can be delivered in person and put in a drop box by the door of the Board of Elections’ office.
  2. Voter Registration Forms can be mailed to the Watauga County Board of Elections at PO Box 528 Boone, NC 28607.
  3. Click HERE for online Voter Registration Forms
  4. If you are registering to vote for the first time in your county of residence: You must mail or deliver this application in-person with your original signature.
  5. If you are changing your name, address or party affiliation within your current county of registration: in addition to mail (PO Box 528, Boone, NC 28607), you may also fax (828-265-8068) or email a scanned image of your signed application.
  6. Absentee Ballot Request forms may be delivered in person at the office or mailed to the Watauga County Board of Elections, PO Box 528, Boone, NC 28607.
  7. All public records requests may be requested by phone at 828-265-8061 or be submitted by e-mail to
  8. The public may call 828-265-8061 for assistance.

Register of Deeds (828) 265-8052 Link to Register of Deeds Website

Land Records
*Documents to be recorded can be:

  1. Electronically recorded through one of our three e-Recording vendors:
    Simplifile (800) 460-5657
    CSC (866) 652-0111
    EPN (888) 325-3366
  2. In-person
  3. US Mail, FedEx, UPS

*Notaries needing to take their notary oath should call our office to make an appointment.

*Document Search can be done online by clicking HERE.

Contact the Land Records office at (828) 265-8052 for assistance, to make appointments and to obtain further information.

Vital Records

*To obtain certified copies of vital records (births, deaths, marriages):

  1. The easiest and quickest way is to complete an online request by clicking HERE.
  2. Appear in person with identification and $10 (cash or credit card) per requested certificate.
  3. By mail: Click HERE to find the form needed based on what you are requesting (birth, death, marriage). Complete the form and follow instructions for submitting the form.

*To obtain a Marriage License:

Marriage Licenses will be issued by appointment. The couple must first complete the online Marriage License Application. Click HERE for the form and then call (828) 265-8034 to make an appointment and obtain further instructions.

*The processing of Amendments, Delayed Births, and Legitimations; and the recording of Military Discharges will be by appointment.

Contact the Vital Records office at (828) 265-8034 for assistance, to make appointments and to obtain further information.

Tax Department – (828) 265-8021 Link to Tax Department Website

  1. Tax Payments may be mailed or can be made online with Debit, Credit or E-Check by clicking HERE.
  2. Online real estate searches may be done by clicking HERE.
  3. Business Personal Listings and Personal Property Listings may be mailed, faxed to 828-265-8087 or emailed to
  4. Real Estate Tax Certifications can be done via mail, faxed to 828-265-8087 or emailed to
  5. Requests for proration on motor vehicle taxes may be made via mail, faxed to 828-265-8087 or emailed (as long as the required proof accompanies the request) to
  6. Requests for paid tax receipts for income tax season may be made via mail, faxed to 828-265-8087 or emailed to

Administrative Office of the Courts

The reopening will coincide with the North Carolina Court System resumption of services. Essential court services will be available. The initial startup of court will create potential delays in individuals receiving services and visitors may be asked to temporarily wait outside until others leave the building in an effort to maintain appropriate social distancing and comply with state guidelines on mass gatherings. Please do not come to the courthouse if you do not have to. For information regarding court services and online services available for the court system, call:
Clerk of Court 828-268-6600
District Attorney 828-268-6611
Magistrate 828-268-6619
Probation 828-265-5423
Superior Court Judge 828-268-6616

Again, visitors to County facilities are strongly encouraged to utilize online services available and to call ahead before visiting County facilities. To assist in taking advantage of online services or to call ahead the below contact information for County and State Agencies is provided.

Administration – (828) 265-8000 Link to Administration Website
Emails can be sent to

Animal Control – (828) 262-1672 Link to Animal Control Website
Animal Care and Control will staff telephones and be available for regular and emergency calls.

Emergency Services – (828) 264-4235 Link to Emergency Management Website
Dial 911 for Emergencies

Finance – (828) 265-8007 Link to Finance Website

Information Technologies (IT) – (828) 265-8015 Link to IT Website

License Plate Agency – (828) 268-2315 Link to License Plate Agency Website

License Plate Agency hours are Monday – Friday 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. Customers will be routed in a manner as to adhere to social distancing with 6 foot markers clearly indicated on the ground. Some helpful tips include the following: many common NCDMV services can be done online at; bring the correct documents needed for the services; cash only is accepted for Notary fees; have your vehicle inspected (if applicable) prior to renewing your registration.

NCDMV has granted a temporary 5 month grace period on registration renewals. This means that if you have a renewal month of March, April, May, June or July, you have an additional 5 months in which to renew your registration without penalty or interest. For example, if your regular renewal month is May, you now have until October 2020 to renew your registration but please remember that your renewal month will not change for future renewals.

Please be advised because of public health measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, U.S. passport operations are extremely limited. Please call (828) 268-2315 if you have questions.

Parks and Recreation – (828) 264-9511 Link to Parks and Recreation Website

Planning & Inspections – (828) 265-8043 Link to Planning & Inspections Website

  1. Application for permits. Most permits are online, can be downloaded, completed and emailed to p&, mailed (126 Poplar Grove Connector Suite 201, Boone, NC 28607), or faxed (828-265-8080). If a needed form is not online, it can be emailed by staff upon request. Currently payment of fees may be made by cash, check, or credit card. We should be able to receive credit card payments online by June 1, 2020.
  2. Schedule inspections. No change in that process. May be called in or requested by email.
  3. Building inspections. No change anticipated at present. Inspectors will be in the office 8:00 – 9:30 AM receiving calls and reviewing plans; in the field performing inspections after 9:30 AM.
  4. Development site inspections. No change anticipated at present.
  5. Face-to-face meetings. These are to be minimized/avoided, but if necessary, may occur, as the office will be open to the public. Visitors are requested to wear masks.
  6. Board meetings. Pursuant to County Amended Emergency Declaration, all meetings are to be conducted remotely, until further notice.

Project on Aging – (828) 265-8090 Link to Project On Aging Website

  1. Home Delivered Meals will continue.
  2. In-Home Aide services are continuing on a limited basis. Clients will continue to be contacted on an individual basis. Clients should call the Project on Aging at (828) 265-8090 if they have questions.
  3. CAP services will continue. Please call your assigned Case Manager at (828) 265-8090 with questions.
  4. Transportation services through AppalCART are continuing for shopping and other errands. Clients can call Project on Aging at (828) 265-8090 or AppalCART at (828) 297-1300.
  5. Referrals for any service can be made by calling (828) 265-8090.
  6. Please call (828) 265-8090 for questions regarding any services.

Sanitation – (828) 264-5305 Link to Sanitation Website

  1. Container Sites:
    Green Valley, 421 West, 321-Aho, Deep Gap, Foscoe, Valle Crucis, 221 South, and Triplett:
    Open 6:30 AM – 7:00 PM – Monday, Wednesday, & Friday
    8:00 AM – 7:00 PM – Saturday
    Open 6:30 AM – 7:00 PM – Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday
    8:00 AM – 7:00 PM – Saturday
    Landfill Road:
    Open 6:30 AM – 7:00 PM – Monday – Friday
    8:00 AM – 7:00 PM – Saturday
    1:00 PM – 5:00 PM – Sunday
    Residential solid waste and recycling accepted.
  2. Transfer Station and Scale House open 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM Monday – Saturday. All categories of solid waste and recycling accepted.
  3. Sanitation office hours are 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM Monday – Friday. Residents can contact staff at 828-264-5305 for assistance.

Sheriff’s Office – (828) 264-3761 Link to Sheriff's Office Website

Department of Social Services – (828) 265-8100 Link for DSS Website
Dial 911 for Emergencies

Veteran’s Services – (828) 265-8065 Link to Veteran's Services Website

The Veterans Services Office encourages business to be conducted by phone and email when possible. Individuals are encouraged to call ahead for appointments if unable to complete business via phone or email. Necessary documents will be mailed to applicants and returned via mail or email. The Office will have a drop box set up for those items that cannot be mailed. Arrangements will need to be made with staff prior to using the drop box.

Health Department – (828) 264-4995 Link to Health Department Website
The Health Department is closed to the public. Clinical services and WIC are by appointment only. For Environmental Services, call for guidance or an appointment.

Clerk of Court – (828) 268-6600 Link to Clerk of Court Website

N.C. Department of Public Safety Link to NC Department of Public Safety Website

Division of Adult Correction & Juvenile Justice Link to Div. of AC & JJ

Adult Probation

  1. Probation officers will still be working in the office doing administrative work, monitoring offenders that are on house arrest and making phone calls to offenders.
  2. An administrative assistant will still answer all incoming calls to this office and route the calls to the appropriate officer.
  3. Probation Officers will continue to work out of the office doing field work and taking care of any public safety need.

Juvenile Justice
Staff will be available to assist law enforcement, community members, juveniles and families by appointment Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM. For an appointment, please call (828) 265-5366.
For needs arising after hours or on weekends the on-call Juvenile Court Counselor can be reached by contacting the Watauga County Communications Center at (828) 264-3761, who will contact a Court Counselor to assist.

Will conduct business by phone, email, or mail. One employee will be staffed in the office each day from 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM. The public can call (828) 264-3850 or email Julia Houck at with questions and concerns.

Will conduct business by phone & email. The office will be staffed from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM but closed to the public. The public can call (828) 719-3386 or contact David Tucker via email at

Cooperative Extension – (828) 264-3061 Link to Cooperative Extension Website
Cooperative Extension will conduct business by phone, email, and via online resources: The office will be staffed Monday –Friday from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM to answer phone calls and transfer messages to individual agents. For questions, call (828) 264-3061 or email Jim Hamilton at Individual agents can be reached via email at the link above.

Watauga County Soil & Water Link to Soil and Water Conservation Website
The public can contact Graham Fox at (828) 719-3385 or and Janie Poe at (828) 719-3387 or Monday – Friday from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

The High Country Food Hub Link to High Country Food Hub Website

The High Country Food Hub will be closed to the public. Customers can order local food online by clicking HERE from Thursday-Monday at midnight of each week and then pick up their order each Wednesday from 11:30 AM – 6:00 PM outside of the High Country Food Hub (252 Poplar Grove Rd. Boone, NC 28607). Outdoor pickup has been arranged and staff will be available to answer questions from producers and customers. For questions, please email or call (828) 412-0834. Additional Food Hub steps to ensure safe practices include:

  1. Closing our facility to the public and moving interactions with customers outside where customers can keep distance between each other.
  2. Frequently disinfecting surfaces touched by staff, producers, and customers.
  3. Maintaining detailed and accurate records of who utilizes the Food Hub.
  4. These steps follow guidance from Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture's local and statewide partners (NC Extension “Local Farmers’ Markets Do Their Part to Flatten the Curve on Coronavirus”, CFSA “Farmers' Market Protocols”, NC Extension “Farmers' Market Protocols”, NC DHHS Guidance on Gov. Cooper's Executive Order No. 118).

As the County reopens our facilities, we encourage the community to follow public health guidance to protect yourself and the community.

How to Protect Yourself

Practice the 3Ws if you have to leave your house – wear a cloth face covering, wash your hands frequently or use hand sanitizer and wait 6 feet from others.

If you are sick please stay home and take appropriate action to meet any obligations you may have.

Cover your cough or sneeze.

Keep distance from others who are sick.

Avoid touching your face.

Clean and disinfect high touch surfaces in common areas like doorknobs, remotes, light switches, tables and handles.

If you are at a higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19, stay home to the greatest extent possible to decrease the chance of infection.

Please bear with staff as we navigate the reopening of our facilities. The County would like to thank you for your patience during this time of transition.

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