Vegetation fire spreads to structure in Cove Creek on Monday

Last Updated on April 2, 2024 9:10 am

Cove Creek Fire Department responded to a vegetation fire that had spread to a structure just after 4 PM on Monday.

The fire, in the 300 block of Dogskin Road, was ignited by coals previously disposed of behind the house that had reignited due to wind, according to Emma Ward with the Watauga County Fire Marshal's Office. The fire was under control quickly and fully extinguished. There was minimal damage to the home. There were no injuries and no major loss, Ward also noted.

Cove Creek was aided at the scene by NC Forestry, Boone Fire, Zionville Fire, Foscoe Fire, Watauga County Emergency Services and Watauga Medics.

Watauga County Fire Marshals office would like to remind everyone of a few safety tips when disposing of ashes.

• Allow ashes to cool as long as possible before removal.
• Never store ashes in bags, cardboard boxes or plastic containers.
• Place ashes in a fire safe metal container with a tight fitting metal lid.
• Once ashes are transferred they should be dampened with water to eliminate any hot spots.
• Store the metal container outside your home and at least 10 ft from any other structures or combustibles.
• Consider placing the container on a concrete pad, stone patio, gravel or asphalt. Secure the container and its lid in the event of high winds.

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