Sunday Dec 8, 2013 Conditions

Last Updated on December 8, 2013 8:10 am

8:10am – no reported problems with roads yet, Boone has dropped to 29 degrees

8:30am from Watauga Communications "Starting to hear cracking of trees now from ice loading. Temp down to 28. Not a good time to be out driving unless you need to be."



8:47am – getting reports of ice in Blowing Rock & Boone, none in Valle Crucis. Still no reported road issues yet. Use caution on porches, sidewalks etc.

Boone has dropped to 28 degrees at 9:15am, ice on trees, porches etc. No reported road issues


Webcams showing the fog in Boone this morning –

Watauga Roads Screen Shot088

12noon – roads continue to be mainly wet, with no reported travel issues except fog. Winter Storm Warning remains in effect through the afternoon.

12:40pm – Power lines down on Isenhouer Rd in Zionville Fire en route. Tree involved.

Ice reports to National Weather Service through 6:29pm
ice Dec 8 NWS

Temps are forecast to rise to the mid 30s tonight then into the lower 40s overnight, with winds gusts up to 25mph per NWS. Boone is up 2 degrees to 30 between 6:35pm -6:55pm

NWS Video Update 9pm

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