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String Of Winter Weather Wrecks Keeps Local Emergency Departments Busy Thursday Afternoon

Last Updated on February 12, 2022 6:56 pm

The heavy burst of wintery precipitation Thursday afternoon led to a string of accidents across Watauga County. 

13 accidents were dispatched out in just one hour, according to Anita Presnell, a dispatcher with Watauga County Communications.

Presnell tells that the number of dispatches due to winter weather was just a little bit more than normal for such a short time frame. She noted the accidents were widespread in the county, which sometimes can result in their own set of demands or challenges. 

The three most notable accidents were:

An accident between a Watauga County School bus and a car, which resulted in no injuries.

A rollover accident in the area of McGuire Road/321/Bethel Road.  

A 20-foot rollover accident down a bank on 221 in Blowing Rock.  

Rollover accident in the area of McGuire Road/321/Bethel Road. Photo submitted


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