State Highway Patrol Increasing Their Focus on Vehicles Parked on Interstate Highways

Last Updated on June 4, 2015 6:01 pm

The State Highway Patrol will be stepping up its enforcement on illegally stopped vehicles along North Carolina's Interstate Highways in an effort to save lives and increase safety for the motoring public. Over the last five years, nearly twenty percent of all fatalities on interstate highways involved a motor vehicle stopped on the shoulder.

In an effort to decrease the collision rate, the Highway Patrol is partnering with the Department of Transportation and the NC Trucker's Association to insure that drivers do not stop on the shoulder of the interstates unless an emergency situation occurs. Troopers will closely monitor the interstates to include entrance and exit ramps and emergency lanes in an effort to remove the hazard of vehicles sitting alongside the roadway.

“With the increased traffic volume across the State, it is imperative that we keep our highways free of roadside hazards to include improperly parked vehicles,” said Colonel Bill Grey, commander of the Highway Patrol.

North Carolina law makes it unlawful for any motorist to stop, park, or leave standing any vehicle, whether attended or unattended, on any part or portion of the right-of-way of said highway, except in the case of an emergency or as directed by a law enforcement officer, or at designated parking areas.

Motorists are encouraged to plan their travels to insure they have sufficient and safe rest points along their route.

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