Road Reports

Last Updated on November 29, 2011 3:10 pm

Tuesday night road updates

6:20pm via facebook – Bulldog in Trade, TN has some slushy parts. Based on tracks people were sliding, or just driving like morons, both possible. At state line where bulldog road becomes beaverdam road is completely snow covered & temp is 28.

5:30pm via facebook – 221 south from Blowing Rock is slick

5:50pm – Still getting some reports that roads around Blowing Rock are slick

Some of the Facebook reports we're getting in the 3pm hour are that 221 and Main Street in Blowing Rock are slick.

Several accidents are being reported by emergency personnel

The rest of Watauga is just wet for now

Facebook report at 3:14pm that 321 north from Lenior to Blowing Rock is starting to get slick

More Facebook reports that roads in Blowing Rock are slick


3:26om report of wreck on 321 just north of the Parkway

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