Rich Mountain Road Clean Up

Last Updated on October 2, 2022 5:37 pm

On Saturday, March 3, at the first, “Rich Mountain Clean Up,” approximately 54 individuals showed to help clean up the road banks which have become littered with a variety of “junk and debris.” This important event began at 9 am and ended at 3:30 pm.

According to the Watauga County Sheriff's office, Rich Mountain Road residents, community service people, and two groups of students from ASU fraternities were all involved in the effort. In addition, two individuals showed up after seeing the event posted in the Zionville Post Office. There were also some volunteers that showed up after the briefing.

The Zionville Fire Department showed up with their 6-wheeler, which proved to be of great help in trying to get debris from the sides of the road where it was very steep. In addition, the Zionville Fire Department brought 3 fire trucks and a utility trailer, plus 16 firefighters. The Meat Camp Fire Department also showed up with 2 trucks and many firefighters to help.

Both Chiefs of Zionville and Meat Camp were in attendance, as well.

The Watauga County Sanitation Director with a large truck and a driver who drive the “roll off” container truck were in attendance as well.

Triple T Pumping also donated 2 porta-johns for the entire day – including pre-event delivery, servicing, and post event pickup.

GDS also donated 6 large wheeled trash cans and 2 containers for recycling items (plastic, glass, etc.)

3 large “contractor containers (approximately 40’ in length),” were used to collect 9,760 pounds of trash and debris (consisting of ranges, mattresses, tires, pallets, etc.). At the end of the event all 3 containers were full.

169 tires were collected and weighed 6,760 pounds.

The entire clean-up effort was coordinated by Deputy Noah Gordon.

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