Recreational Water Advisory Continues For Watauga River In Foscoe Area

Last Updated on July 4, 2018 8:22 am

BOONE – Watauga County officials continue to advise people to avoid recreational activities at the Watauga River in the vicinity of Foscoe due to a gasoline leak that appears to be seeping into the Watauga River between Church Road and Riverside Farm Road.  The advisory applies only to that section.

Investigation has determined that the Foscoe Country Corner is not the source of the seep along the Watauga River. The source has not been identified and seepage continues to take place so the recreational water advisory remains in place. State officials continue to work with ECS, a contracted firm, on additional investigation steps to identify a source, including efforts to coordinate a ground radar survey.

Environmental and health officials recommend the following:

  • Avoid swimming, wading or fishing in this section of the Watauga River area until further notice.
  • Avoid skin contact with water, soil and sediment in or near the river.
  • If skin comes in contact with contaminated sediment or water, thoroughly wash the affected area with soap and water.

At this time, we have no recommendations related to private drinking water wells near the site.  Additional guidance will be provided as warranted as recommendations and guidance are received. For questions or concerns, call our Environmental Health Services office at (828) 264-4995 or email us at

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