Posting Of Information Clarification

Last Updated on February 23, 2012 7:17 pm

With the tremendous increase in facebook “likes” and twitter followers recently, I would like to address some clarification points.

I always appreciate the information that is passed along, and value that you take the time to post to any of the WataugaRoads outlets.

The facebook & twitter sites were created in December 2010 and from time to time there are certain questions that come up due to new users.

One of the most ask questions is “Are road checks ever posted on here?”. The answer is No.
With my over 20 years experience in broadcasting, I have adapted the rules I personally use on the air to information posted on the WataugaRoads Network. Pinpointed road checks are not mentioned in traditional media, and I don't feel they should be on the WataugaRoads Network. Though they may be a bit inconvenient for some motorist, they serve a greater good overall.

There will also occur certain situations where limited information will permitted to be posted/allowed on facebook/twitter. Road detours/closures that occur at the direction of local law enforcement/emergency officials that may pertain to situations for their safety and safety for those involved will not be posted. In these situations if officials post information via social media, or have allowed me to post such information then I will.

Thanks again for your help and support.
Kenneth Reece

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