Officials Investigating Alleged Pre-Game Incident Involving AppState Color Guard Team & Miami Football Team

Last Updated on September 19, 2016 8:05 pm

UPDATE Thursday September 22 – For an update view new details at No Mistreatment Of Appalachian State Color Guard Per Reports

*UPDATE 11:38pm – A law enforcement source confirms to that the investigation into the alleged misconduct “is not being taken lightly”. The source also confirms that law enforcement with both AppState and Miami are working on the investigation. The source would not comment about a time frame of when the investigation might be over, other than to say “It will take some time”

School officials at both Appalachian State and Miami are continuing investigations into an alleged situation involving the AppState Color Guard unit and the Miami football team.

According to a Facebook post by Sophie Randleman, a member of the AppState Color Guard team, some members of the Miami Hurricanes blindsided a member of the color guard team while running onto the field, while other members were “grouped, sworn at, taunted, and touched in ways that were definitely not asked for.” received a message from a parent of another member of the Color Guard, just after the alleged incident took place during pregame festivies. That message also stated that some Hurricane football team members had injured a girl but running into her and that other members had been “smacked on the rear end”.

 According to the Miami Herald newspaper, University of Miami athletic director Blake James told them in a text message today that Miami would “take action if our students did engage in this type of behavior” and that he had been in touch with Appalachian State as well as “spoken to individuals and reviewed video” of the alleged incident.”

Appalachian State issued a statement on Monday, according to multiple media reports, that stated “Members of the university's staff are looking into information sent via email, as well as discussions on social media that surfaced over the weekend regarding the color guard at Saturday's game.”

A screenshot of the full post by Randleman is below.

Video by reporter Matt Porter


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