NCDOT Finalizes Strategic Plan for Autonomous Transportation

Last Updated on May 21, 2024 12:44 pm

RALEIGH – The N.C. Department of Transportation recently released its Advanced Transportation Mobility Strategic Plan, which is the next step forward in its initiative to improve transportation by exploring the use of innovative air and ground mobility technologies.

“We are excited to share our vision for the future of transportation in North Carolina,” said NCDOT deputy secretary of Multimodal Transportation Julie White. “The Advanced Transportation Mobility Strategic Plan represents a critical step towards harnessing the potential of emerging technologies to enhance safety, efficiency and accessibility in our transportation system.”

Advance Mobility NC aims to leverage the work of NCDOT’s Aviation, Integrated Mobility and Rail divisions to create a multimodal transportation system that improves the movement of people and freight. The new strategic plan outlines actions to integrate cutting-edge technologies such as connected and automated vehicles, electric zero-emission aircraft, and other innovations into the state’s transportation infrastructure.

The plan positions NCDOT as a leader in supporting new and advanced transportation technologies to improve the quality of life and create economic opportunities for North Carolina and its residents. NCDOT’s Aviation, Integrated Mobility and Rail divisions are collaborating on this effort to evaluate potential uses of advanced mobility technologies, conduct pilot programs to study and improve applications in the current and future N.C. transportation system and provide a guide for local agencies to prepare for and implement new technologies to solve transportation challenges and meet transportation needs.

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