Monday January 2 Reports

Last Updated on January 2, 2012 10:02 am

Here's the reports coming in from facebook, twitter, text and emails:

9:50am – fb report of few snowflakes falling in Abingdon VA

10:45am – A burst of sunshine and then the flurries have begun in Zionville, just a few

10:45am- It's starting to flurry right across the state line in Forge Creek.

10:55am- reports of flurries in Boone. Gusty winds also continuing

11:12am- via text- Very light flurry on Poplar Hill in Boone

In the noon hour it's still sunny with some clouds and scattered light flurries. Winds continue to gust into the 30-40mph range

1:45- reports of snow in Sugar Grove and Beech Creek

1:50pm- snow reports from Crossnore, 421 near Watauga High, and West Jefferson

2:44pm- Updated Winter Weather Advisory now has the possibility of 2-6 inches of snow.

6:33pm – Not much to report in Watauga County, there are some snow flurries but nothing moderate or heavy.
The situation in Ashe County looks different, here's a view from Radio Hill tonight

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