Mabel School Principal Mark Hagaman Retiring From Post, Becomes New Principal at Doe Elementary School in Tennessee

Last Updated on June 19, 2019 7:19 pm

Mark Hagaman, the current Mabel School Principal, is retiring from his current position and will become the new Principal at Doe Elementary School in Tennesse

Hagaman shares with, “It has been my absolute pleasure to serve this school and community for the past 14 years. I stand firmly behind my statement that Mabel School is the absolute best place to be and the family we have established here is something special.”

Hagaman went on to add, “A flood of emotions but mostly gratitude. Thankful for all the good folks that shaped and made my career in Watauga County. I have grown up in that community in every sense of the word and I will miss you all.”

Dr. Scott Elltiot, Superintendent of Watauga County Schools, added his thoughts with, “I appreciate his long career and service to Watauga County Schools. He hired most of the current staff members at Mabel school and is the only principle most of them have ever known. It will be a big adjustment, but I feel confident we will find a new principal who is a great match for the school and who will continue the great work they are doing.”

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