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Johnson County TN To See Over $100 Million In Road Improvement Projects Over 15 Years

Last Updated on May 31, 2017 6:55 pm

Johnson County Tennessee is set to gain some major road and bridge improvements over the next 15 years.

Last week the Transportation Coalition of Tennessee announced that five projects in the county are part of the statewide IMPROVE Act. The Act will deliver 962 road and bridge projects across all 95 Tennessee counties, according to It addresses the state's road funding for the first time in 30 year, the site adds. The Act works by raising the gas tax by six cents and diesel tax by 10 cents, each over the next three years. It also increases the user fee for electric vehicle owners and allows local voters, through a referendum, in the state’s largest counties and its four largest cities to impose a surcharge on taxes they already collect to be dedicated to transit projects.

In Johnson County the biggest project would be improvements on State Route 91 from Cold Springs Road to the Virginia State line. That 7.81 mile project would cost $90,000,000.

Other projects in the county are:

Stage Coach Loop Bridge over Doe Creek – $199,000
Forge Creek Circle Bridge over Forge Creek – $349,000
Little Dry Run Road Bridge over Roan Creek – $986,000
Slimp Branch Road Bridge over Roan Creek – $943,000

For all combined projects $92,477,000 would come from the IMPROVE Act, while $8,306,079 would come from Johnson County.

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