Johnson County TN Schools closed Oct 5th-9th due to COVID difficulties

Last Updated on October 3, 2020 9:08 am

The Johnson County Tennessee School system has announced they will be closing for a week due to COVID-19.

Johnson County Schools will be closed Monday October 5th – Friday October 9th due to COVID and difficulty covering staff members that are currently out, the school system said in a statement on Friday.

“We will be doing a deep cleaning at all of our schools during this week.  This is very similar to when we have to close based on the Flu.”, the statement went on to say.  

“There will be no Kid’s Country or Kid’s Carrol and lunches will not be served. The majority of our initial positive cases have been traced from outside the school system.  During this week it is important for students to complete any work they may be missing and to get caught up.”  

“It is also very important that any staff member or student that tests positive reports during the time we are out next week to Wendy Henley at 727-2181 so that we can work together to contact trace cases and help stop the spread.  We feel this is necessary to avoid a prolonged shut down and to keep from going to a total virtual learning platform in the future.” 

“We appreciate everyone for understanding that the health and welfare of our students and staff are of utmost concern.”, the statement went on to conclude.  

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