Incredible Post Storm Photos – July 13, 2015

Last Updated on July 14, 2015 7:06 pm

After the first round of storms on Monday night many High Country residents noticed the orange or reddish tint in the sky. Here are some of the terrific photos sent into the WataugaRoads social media outlets.

Photo: Joan Price
July 13_Joan Price

Photo: Susan Murphy
July 13_Susan Murphy

Photo: Kara Harmon
July 13_Kara Harmon

Photo: Mitchell Smith
July 13_Mitchell Smith

Photo: Ponza Millaway
July 13_Ponza Millaway

Photo: Samantha Fuentes
July 13_Samantha Fuentes

Roan Mtn TN. Photo: Teresa Eggers
July 13_Roan Mtn TN_Teresa Eggers

Photo: DJ Cornett
July 13_DJ Cornett

Photo: Timothy Smith
July 13_2_Timony Smith

Photo: Timothy Smith
July 13_1_Timony Smith

Photo: Tyler Sherwood
July 13_Tyler Sherwood

In Caldwell County. Photo: Louis Cornell
July 13_Caldwell County_Louis Cornell

In Lenoir. Photo: Vanessa Nichols
July 13_In Lenoir_Vanessa Nichols

Photo: Hailey Oliver
July 13_Hailey Oliver

Looking Northeast from Mt Jefferson in Ashe County. Photo: Danny Proctor
July 13_Looking NE from Mt Jefferson_Danny Proctor

Photo: Tammy McCullars
July 13_Tammy McCullars

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