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Hurricane Matthew To Pose No Direct Threat To The High Country, But Rain Is Still Possible This Weekend

Last Updated on October 5, 2016 1:25 pm

*This article will be updated throughout the week as more timely information becomes relevant* 

While residents on the coast prepare for Hurricane Matthew the High Country will not be directly impacted by the storm, according to updated weather information on Wednesday afternoon. The National Weather Services says in an update that, “the current projected path will lessen the impacts of rain and wind” for the High Country. They do however say that a Predecessor Rainfall Event (PRE) is possible mainly along the Blue Ridge during the weekend. Highest chance of precipitation currently would be in the Friday-Saturday timeframe.

With changing forecast and weather models it'll be closer toward Friday before a more definitive answer about rain amounts may be known. Below are video updates and graphics from the National Weather Service and Brad Panovich, Chief Meteorologist of NBC Charlotte, from Wednesday morning.

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