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Heavy rainfall possible all week, flooding a concern

Last Updated on August 15, 2021 6:43 pm

*Take note – Rainfall amounts and timing could vary due to changing conditions. will be updating as new information comes in during the duration of this week's events. Be aware of changing conditions*

For most of 2021, Watauga County has by and large missed the near-constant rain and flooding threats that have occurred in recent years, looking at you 2018 becoming the all time wettest year on record , June 2019 Weather Recap – Wettest June On Record and February 2020 second wettest February on record. So far this year 28.9 inches of precipitation has officially been recorded in Boone, as of Friday August 13th, that's the 9th driest since 1980.

The lack of rain will change this week and bringing with it possible flooding issues. A combination of what is now once again Tropical Storm Fred, a nearly stationary Bermuda High, and what is currently Tropical Depression Grace will bring forecast heavy rainfall to the area most, if not, all week.

The National Weather Service Hazardous Weather Outlook posted for Sunday, stated that locally heavy rainfall could lead to lead flash flooding this afternoon through tonight. It also went on to say that heavy rainfall could lead to localized flooding Monday through Wednesday.

Heavy rainfall brought on by Tropical Storm Fred is one of the three events to impact the High Country and western Carolinas. In an update on Sunday afternoon from the National Hurricane Center, it was noted that today through Tuesday heavy rainfall could lead to flash, urban, small stream and isolated river flooding through Tuesday.

The National Weather Service also notes that rich moisture will be banked up against the Blue Ridge Mountains for Tuesday and Tuesday night. That will also produce heavy rainfall as the mountains will squeeze additional moisture from the system.

And then the impact of what is currently Tropical Depression Grace could bring more rain to the area. will update you with the latest information as all three of these weather events unfold this week.

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