Friday Storm Produces Quick Flooding In Boone, Caught On Video

Last Updated on August 15, 2015 9:35 am

Storms on Friday afternoon likely caught many ASU move in participants off guard, while Boone Fire and other EMS units responded to a vehicle stuck in the rising waters at the Boone Mall parking lot.

Officially Boone recorded .34 inches of rain for the day, however one observation into the Watauga Roads and Weather facebook page noted that at his home weather station .36 inches had fallen in under five minutes around 2:30pm.

The fast rising waters caused the ever flood prone Boone Mall parking lot on the highway 321 side to become the scene of a car stuck in the water. Boone Fire, Boone Police and other EMS units responded to remove a standard motorist from their car. According to scanner dispatches there were no injuries and the woman and child passenger were removed safely. That entrance to the mall was closed for roughly 30 minutes until waters subsided.

Jordan Nelson of Nelson Aerial Productions captured the scene. Nelson adds “It was still raining during the rescue so we weren't able to capture the actual rescue. The water level receded very quickly after the rescue took place.”


Photo: Joe Bentley

Boone Mall flooding Aug 14 2015_Joe Bentley

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