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Flooding In Zionville And Mabel On Monday May 21, 2018

Last Updated on March 26, 2022 2:34 pm

Heavy rain has caused flooding issues in Zionville and Mabel on Monday afternoon.  3 mudslides were reported in the 900 block of Silverstone Road, the 7000 block of old 421 in Zionville and in 1200 block of Joe Shoemaker Road.

Below are photos and video, content will be updated as more comes in.

Marion Thomas Road slide. Photo: Taylor Marsh

Slide on old 421. Photos: Debbie Dollar

Photos: Ayla Cook

Intersection of Tater Hill Rd and Silverstone Rd

Intersection of Tater Hill and Silverstone Rd

Old Mabel School towards North Fork

Mabel Baptist Church

Photos: Heather Edmisten


Photos: Cindy DeLaura


Photos: Lottie Oliver

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