Flooding Assessment Being Conducted By Officials, Expected To Be Finished Wednesday

Last Updated on October 24, 2017 6:55 pm

The survey of damage to structures, impacted by Monday's flood, got underway on Tuesday.

Taylor Marsh, Watauga County Fire Marshal & Emergency Management Coordinator, tells that assessments were underway all day today and likely all day tomorrow. Marsh added, “I hope to have them 95% complete tomorrow.”

Monday's findings found: 45 damaged residential structures and 11 damaged commercial structures. Both numbers are likely to rise. Most of those damages are in the Boone city limits, mainly in the Meadowview area.

Marsh went on to say that his office is doing the damage assessments along with the Town inspectors, because there is different criteria for damage assessments for Emergency Management. will update as more information is available on Wednesday.

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