First Citizens Bank Apologizes After New Online Rollout Fails, Local And National Customers Impacted

Last Updated on October 26, 2016 8:02 pm

A new online banking system and new smartphone apps have left many customers with First Citizens Bank asking a lot of questions, when both failed to work shortly after debut.

The highly heralded “upgrade” by the Raleigh, NC based bank not only left customers unable to log into accounts, but was also delayed an extra day from being available online. First Citizens had sent customer emails, starting weeks ahead of time, to say that the online services would be offline from Friday October 21 to Monday October 24. Many customers both locally and nationally were still getting messages on Monday that the services were not available. Tuesday appeared to be the breaking point, as First Citizens social media outlets were swapped with complaints from bank users.

Locally, several First Citizens customers vented their frustration to about the changes. One user's comment summed up the feeling for many, “Yea I'm getting rather irritated, the old one wasn't broke so now we have this ‘new great update' that surprise surprise doesn't freaking work”

According to the company's corporate profile page, “In 1898, First Citizens began as the Bank of Smithfield in Johnston County, North Carolina. From a single office, First Citizens has grown to more than 500 branches in 18 states. We’re the largest family-controlled bank in the United States, with a record of stable leadership few banks can rival.”

On Monday the company issued this statement on their Facebook page:

On Tuesday the company issued the apology, to be followed by more statements addressing ongoing problems.

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