Digital Watauga Announces New Additions, Von & Mickey Hagaman Collection

Last Updated on February 17, 2023 9:20 am

Digital Watauga, a collaborative effort between the Watauga County Historical Society and the Watauga County Public Library to preserve and display the High Country's archival memory, has announced a new addition to their collection.

The Von & Mickey Hagaman Collection consist of approximately 35 items, most of them related to the 1949 Watauga County Centennial Parade. The collection also includes a copy of the 1950 Echoes of the Blue Ridge Program. The collection is now online at this link.  The organization says that additional images may be added in the coming weeks.

The organization also expresses that they are grateful to Rosemary Virginia, the daughter of Von and Mickey Hagaman, for her generosity in sharing these images with Digital Watauga.

Von Hagaman delivering mail on Howard Street, Boone, North Carolina, probably about 1960. He wheels a mail hand truck and wears a postal service uniform. Parked cars and several buildings can be seen further down Howard Street.
A group of people standing in the Boone Drug Company building on King Street in Boone, located across the street from the Jones Building (present home of the Mast General Store), 1948. The people are identified from left to right as: Dr. O. K. Richardson, Mrs. Ethel Teams, Dr. B. K. Moore, Milissa Richardson (Mrs. Wayne), Dr. Wayne Richardson, Mrs. B.K. Moore, and Mickey McGuire.
Six men dressed in various military uniform march down King Street in Boone, NC, as part of a parade, probably the 1949 Watauga County Centennial Parade. They carry the American flag and another flag with them. Among them is Von Hagaman, who is wearing his Navy uniform. He walks on the center right and carries a flag. The 1874 Courthouse, with its unusual corner entrance, can be seen in the distance on the right.
A postcard picture of King Street in Boone, NC, ca. 1963. Many cars can be seen either parked or driving along the street. People can be seen walking down the sidewalk and multiple shops including Gateway Restaurant, Bill's Shoe Store, and Keplar's Soda Shop can be seen.
The postcard was created by Jack Bowers, Color-King Natural Color Card, W. M. Cline, Co.
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