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Boone Drops To 32 Degrees On Wednesday, First Time At Or Below Since April 2016

Last Updated on October 12, 2016 2:17 pm

It's got that fall chill in the air, or maybe a preview of things to come as winter is just around the bend.

 The Watauga Medical Center weather reporting station recorded 32 degrees on Wednesday at 6:35am, marking the first time since April 17 that temperatures have dropped to freezing or below. For fans of numbers or statistics that's 179 days or 5 months and 26 days apart. Below is a look at past Octobers in relation to freezing temperatures. 

 2015 –  32 degrees on two days (Oct 18 & 31), three other days were colder

2014 – 29.12 degrees on Oct 31, the only day below freezing

 2013 –  19.22 on Oct 26. That month had four days of below freezing temps and all occurred the same week

2012 – 32 degrees recorded six times and that was the lowest temp for the month

2011 –  32 degrees recorded two times, four other dates were colder

2010 –  recorded two days of 30 degrees and one of 28.4

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