Black Bear Visits Area Resident

Last Updated on May 10, 2015 7:30 pm

Warmer weather in the High Country marks the return of many outdoor activities, the Spring tourist season, graduation occurring at local school/college systems and visits from those that “vacationed” during the winter.

Seven Devils resident Jim Clarke shared with his “visitor” from just a few days ago. Clarke jokingly added that “it's a zoo up here on Seven Devils.”

In April 2014 published an article about black bear sighting becoming more common across the state.  Also from the same month the National Forest Service reminded those visiting area national forest to practice bear safety. advises that “if a bear finds food without getting chased away, he may well come back for more. Each time he returns for a free meal and doesn't get frightened away, he can become less fearful of humans—and this habituation can lead to problems.”  Area residents and visitors are reminded that bears will get into trash, bird feeders, dirty grills, and pet food left outdoors.

Bear2_Jim Clarke

Bear1_Jim Clarke

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