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August 2016 Wetter Than Normal? Not Really But It Feels Like It

Last Updated on August 18, 2016 11:37 am

After a much drier than normal July, August has returned to a more normal precipitation pattern, at least for the month of August.

For overall precipitation totals through the 17th of the month, August 2016 (3.91 inches) is on pace to catch August 2015 (4.41 inches), as it has already passed August 2014 (3.15 inches). The wettest overall August since 1980 belongs to 1994 with 11.47 inches, followed by 1996 with 10.96 inches. 1981 recorded the driest August with just 0.76 recorded.

The biggest difference between the years is the number of days with rainfall.  So far measureable rain has been recorded 15 out of 18 days in Boone, compared to 10 out of 18 days in 2015 and 8 out of 18 days in 2013.

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