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April 2015 Weather Recap

Last Updated on May 4, 2015 5:12 pm

April 2015 tied for the 16th warmest since 1980 for average temperature for Boone, while the average high became the 16th warmest, and the average low was the 13th coldest.

Total rainfall measured 7.11 inches in Boone and became the 5th wettest since 1980.

Among the weather headlines for the month were rain, hail and high winds on Thursday April 9. The National Weather Service issued both a Severe Thunderstorm Warning and a Flash Flood Warning for Watauga County for the first time this Spring 2015 season.

Heavy rains on Sunday April 19 caused many of the low lying bridges and usual flood prone areas to become flooded. Several bridges and roads were closed early that night as the waters rose. Officially April 20 became the wettest for that date with 3.08 inches in Boone.

Monday April 6th officially became the 5th coldest low for Boone, since 1980, at 21 degrees for that date.

Graphic: Southeast Climate Center

Watauga Roads Screen Shot111

From the Watauga Medical Center reporting station (not used for official temperature records):

High: 78.08 on Thursday April 9
Low: 22.46 Sunday April 5
Peak Wind Gust: 48 mph on Wednesday April 22 at 1:55pm, and Thursday April 23 at 1:55pm
Highest Rainfall Amount: 2.79 on Sunday April 19

Other items of note:
Greatest one day temperature swing: Sunday April 5 from 22.46 to 57.56 (difference of 35.1 degrees).

Largest temperature swing in a week: Sunday April 5 from a low of 22.46 to 78.08 on Thursday April 9 (difference 55.62 degrees).

Number of days with highs in the 50s – 11 , 60s – 15 , 70s – 4

*In keeping track of weather records (temperatures, rainfall, snowfall, wind) it’s important to note that the records for Boone relies on three different sources. Boone COOP station 310977 from 1929-1980, Boone 1Se 310982 from June 1980-present and Watauga Medical Center reporting station KTNB.*

Precipitation graphics: National Weather Service

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