Work Continues Around Shoppes on the Parkway Sinkhole

Last Updated on October 2, 2022 5:47 pm

Work continues around the entrance to Shoppes on the Parkway in Blowing Rock, where a sinkhole formed on Monday, June 17, 2013, after heavy rains overnight and early that morning.

At the time, it was estimated to be about 30 feet deep and 15 feet across, and a temporary entrance was made the following day to allow traffic into the outlet.

In an update to this week, Kevin Harward, Project Manager with Greene Construction Inc, explained that one of two pipes that handles water from a river under the entrance collapsed and caused the sink hole.

Work has been underway to prepare for crews to replace 150 feet of pipe with a new culvert system and then back-fill and install a new entrance in the same spot of the original entrance. The same thing will be done on the other side, where the temporary entrance is now, according to Harward.

Barring any issues with the weather, the new entrance is expected to be open by Memorial Day (Monday, May 26) and the entire project complete by Labor Day (Monday, September 1).

The record-setting rains of July 2013 did not delay operations at the time, since construction had not fully began. Construction did struggle a bit in January 2014 due to the record-setting cold, according to Harward.

Photos captured on Sunday, March 2, 2014, and used by permission of Nelson Aerials







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