Weekend Snow Record?

Last Updated on December 27, 2019 11:56 am

With the first snowfall over the weekend there have been some questions regarding the earliest snowfall record. Keep in mind that the Blacksburg office of NWS only covers Watauga County at their southern most point.

I ask this question to both Phil Hysell of the National Weather Service and Brad Panovich of WCNC-TV “was Friday & Saturday snow in this area still considered the earliest on record?”

Phil replied that none of the official NWS Northwest North Carolina sites had measurable snow this weekend. He also added that since 1980, Boone's earliest snow was October 21.

Brad added that preliminarily yes for the the whole state of NC but confirmation from NC Climate office would be needed to verify.

Talking to many Watauga County natives none of them could recall a snowfall as early as Sept 30/Oct 1.

Do you know someone that can recall a September snow? Send us an email at

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