Weekend Power Outages Due To Continued Rain & High Winds

Last Updated on September 29, 2015 10:14 am

Continued heavy rain and high winds lead to a number of power outages over the weekend. Fallen trees and large tree limbs lead to various outages, with a total of 659 Blue Ridge Electric members losing power.

According to Blue Ridge Electric the first outage occurred at 6 pm on Saturday Sept. 26. The final outage was restored at 3:49 pm on Monday Sept. 28.

The two largest outages during this time period were:

Sunday Sept 27: 102 members in the Zionville area (Rich Mtn Rd) were affected from 8:11 am until 9:08am due to a tree branch falling on the system.

Monday Sept 28: 487 members in the Deep Gap/Stoney Fork area were affected from 2:09 am until 3:30 am due to a large tree that had fallen off Shannon Ct. off Hwy 421 North.

Photos: Rusty Trivette

power outage2 Saturday Sept 26_Rusty Trivette power outage Saturday Sept 26_Rusty Trivette

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