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Wednesday Oct 31 Storm Reports

Last Updated on October 31, 2012 2:11 am

Reports via the Facebook & twitter pages, along with emails and text.

Lots of pictures came rolling into the facebook and twitter pages. Here's a collection of them.

Avery County postpones trick or treating. Read the full details here

9:57am – We're just about totally done with Super Storm Sandy (as the press is calling it now). NWS says continued windy and up to inch of snow possible. Temps in the 30s today, 20s tonight with gusts up to 55mph.

By and large from the reports coming in there does not appear to be any major travel problems, just isloated slick/snow covered areas.

So far no real trouble areas are being reported on the facebook page.

5:46am – Grandfather Mountain facebook page reports their highest 3-second wind gust for Tuesday was 105.8 mph.

5:25am – Sleet/freezing rain coming down in Pottertown.

5am – Peak overnight wind gust – Boone 46mph at 3:35am at Watauga Medical Center reporting station, Ashe – 51mph at 1:15am at Ashe County Airport.

Rivers Street on campus, King Street, and Blowing Rock Road are in good shape at 5am.

‎0500: Main roads are scraped but still with some snow cover. Some secondaries have been scraped, and back roads still snow covered. Blowing snow is a problem and be aware that when driving you might encounter white-out conditions. per Watauga County Communications

4:24am – Winter Weather Advisories have replaced winter storm warnings for the High Country counties. Also be alert for patches of black ice!

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