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Wednesday February 12, 2014 Conditions/Reports

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The snow is forecast to start in the 9am-10am time frame. Graphic from NWS
active_ONSET Feb 12

ASU will close at noon, Watauga and Avery schools closed early this morning –

7:25am from Brad Panovich -  NBC Charlotte. Brad adds that snow starts in the next 2 hours, gets bad by 11am.


Construction operations on 321 in Blowing Rock suspended today due to weather. Call 828-964-3260 for project information.

NWS Update at 9am


10am update from Brad Panovich


The first little wave of the storm at 11am

Watauga Roads Screen Shot073


12:11pm – starting to see snow flurries at a more constant rate across much of Watauga.

12:19pm – Road and traffic updates will be posted as soon conditions start to have an impact. As of this posting the snow has just started at a more steady pace across most of the county.

12:31pm – getting social media reports of parking lots and sidewalks in Boone and Blowing Rock becoming covered quickly.

12:45pm – road conditions and travel will start to go downhill fast. Already sticking to untreated surfaces.

1:27pm – getting reports of snow sticking to a few secondary roads in Watauga, gravel roads are snow covered already. No reported travel issues across the scanner feeds at this time. Main roads are either wet or partially snow covered in the non travel lanes per the live camera feeds and reports via social media.

1:27 pm from National Weather Service – Boone [Watauga Co, NC] TRAINED SPOTTER reports SNOW of 2.00 INCH #RNK

2pm – we’re getting a little break from the snow currently. National Weather Service still forecasting 2-4 inches today and another 4-8 tonight.

5pm – no reported travel issues. Snow has started falling again for those that had an afternoon lull. Travel conditions are expected to deteriorate tonight and overnight.

Brad Panovich 5pm update

5:32pm – heavier snow has moved back in for most of the county again and more roads are starting to get snow covered quickly. If you are traveling allow extra time.

Near white out in Boone at 5:37pm

Watauga Roads Screen Shot078


6pm – heavy onset of snow in the last 30 minutes have made roads in the area snow covered and slick.

421 in Boone at 6:15pm. Photo: Stephen Taylor

421_Stephen Taylor

7pm – Roads are not projected to get any better tonight and overnight due to the amount of snow forecast to fall. Travel is not advised, but if you must allow plenty of travel time and have a properly outfitted vehicle. 

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