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Weather: Lack of snow but still second wettest year so far

Last Updated on February 18, 2020 9:16 am

It's the winter that really isn't winter. The unseasonable lack of snow was put into context during a Twitter exchange on Monday. A teacher at Hardin Park School had ask the National Weather Service Blacksburg office how much snowfall Boone had received so far.

NWS replied, “Snow has fallen several times in Boone this season, but there have only been two measurable snowfalls: a half an inch in early December, and half an inch in January, for a total of 1″ so far this winter. For comparison, on an average year, Boone has received 22″ by this time!”

The irony in the lack of snow is how much rain has fallen so far during 2020. A total of 7.42 inches of precipitation has officially been recorded in Boone for the month of February (through Feb 16).

For the year to date (through Feb 16) 14.35 inches of precipitation has been recorded, which is just slightly behind the calendar year 1995 which recorded 14.78 inches.

Currently, 2020 is 5.89 inches ahead of calendar year 2018 which became the all time wettest year for Boone and Watauga County.

The graphic below shows the observed precipitation for January 2020.

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