News Statement On Watauga Democrat Letter

Last Updated on July 10, 2015 8:24 pm

I have received many emails and text regarding a letter the Watauga Democrat published on Friday. The letter is from a family whose son was killed in an accident on 105 earlier this year.

Since the WataugaRoads outlets deal with traffic related items a great deal, some have assumed it is these outlets that are mention. Due to the shear amount of emails, text and calls I have received, I feel it is appropriate to post a statement to make sure my position is crystal clear.

The “reporter” mention in the letter is not me, or any of my outlets., and associated social media outlets, does not post pics of wreck scenes. The few times I have it was because the situation was extremely odd or funny and certainly not life threatening.

Unfortunately I know the pain of finding out a loved one has passed away via social media and a website. It is horrible experience to deal with, and no one should have to learn the fate of a loved one that way. strives to provide accurate information each day, without the sensationalism that some other outlets feel is necessary.

Thanks for your continued support of,
Kenneth Reece
Owner/Operator –

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