Watauga County Telecommunicators Assist In Baby Emergencies

Last Updated on September 20, 2018 5:59 pm

The Watauga County Communications Department is being credited with life saving measures in two recent baby emergencies.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday the department said:

“At the Watauga County 911 center we are proud to announce that our telecommunicators, in the course of their duties have assisted in helping a baby start to breathe again and the delivery of a baby.

On July 24 at 21:02 Watauga Communications Center received a 911 call stating their infant baby was not breathing. Telecommunicator Samantha Thompson begins giving EMD instructions while her partner Maia Womick dispatched Watauga Medics, Boone Fire and Watauga Rescue. In the course of the call the baby began to breathe again but was still unconscious and not breathing regularly. Telecommunicator Thompson then gave the caller instructions to clean out the babies’ mouth. She then suggested using the baby suction bulb from the hospital to clean the mouth out even better. After using this suction the baby began to cry.

On September 2 at 05:27 the Watauga Communications Center received a 911 call stating that a female was in labor. Telecommunicator Heather Ragan began EMD questions and instructions for the caller while Telecommunicator Samantha Thomson and Melissa Harmon dispatched Watauga Medics and Zionville First Responders to the scene. The baby was delivered at 05:33. Telecommunicator Ragan gave EMD instructions to clean out the babies’ mouth and dry and wrap her. She also then gave instructions to tie off the umbilical cord. Baby and mother were transported to WMC.

Follow up with responders on both of the calls reported that both of the babies and the mother were all doing well. We are proud of our staff the intricate role that they play at the time of emergencies. Most of all we are thankful that all the patients were reported to be doing well.”

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