Watauga County Sheriff Reminds Residents To Lock Their Vehicles

Last Updated on July 22, 2016 12:48 pm

This week the Watauga County Sheriff's department responded to a string of calls regarding unlocked car doors leading to theft of items inside.

On Thursday alone deputies responded to six calls in the Rembrandt, Center Court, Bella Vista, and Sorrento areas. Sheriff Len Hagaman says that other areas in the county have also been targets of unlocked vehicles this week. He added that on most cases the losses were minor, but any violation of your privacy and security is unnerving.

He also mention that many vehicles have garage door openers on the visor, or elsewhere, and parked outside near the door allows the opportunity for an uninvited criminal to gain quick access to the home and property. The Sheriff is reminding the public to lock their vehicles and remove valuable items from them.

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