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Watauga County Board of Education Chairperson Dr. Gary Childers Wins State Award

Last Updated on November 20, 2023 1:03 pm

Dr. Gary Childers, Chairperson of the Watauga County Board of Education, earned a prestigious
honor for his dedication to local education for over 50 years. For 31 of those years, he served at
four different schools in Watauga County.

The North Carolina School Boards Association’s Champion in Education award is one that
recognizes individuals, businesses, community members, employees, or school board members
who have demonstrated ongoing dedication to the success of K-12 students and betterment of
NC public schools.

Childers received his award and was recognized at the North Carolina School Boards
Association’s annual conference on Nov. 14 in Greensboro.

He began his career in education as a middle school teacher in a fifth grade classroom 50 years
ago. In the years that followed, he served in various leadership positions, leaving a positive
impact on countless students and staff. Childers was named the Watauga County Principal of
the Year four times. He was also named Northwest Principal of the Year, and he was one of
three finalists for the NC Principal of the Year in 2003.

In addition to the different roles Childers has served in with WCS, he is incredibly involved in
other local organizations. He has served as President and Chairperson of several local boards
and committees over the past five decades.

Those who nominated Childers for this award described not only his professional attributes and
skills, but also described the personal qualities which make him a leader. He was described as
“a person of unquestioned integrity, a patient and attentive listener, a supportive friend and
colleague, and a kind, respectful, and thoughtful servant leader.”

Childers has made the journey from teacher to principal to chairperson of the Watauga County
Board of Education. During this journey, he has proved to be a true champion of public
education and has extended his reach beyond Watauga County, serving as a role model for
leaders in education across the state.

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