Watauga County Board of Education Announces Resignation of Barbara Kinsey From Board

Last Updated on May 8, 2017 7:21 pm

The Watauga County Board of Education announced Monday the resignation of longtime local educator Ms. Barbara Kinsey from the Board.

Ron Henries, Chairman of the Board of Education, stated that he received the resignation letter on May 2.

“Ms. Kinsey has been unable to attend meetings and fully participate as a board member for the last few months due to health issues. She recently located out of the county in order to be closer to her family. We hate to see her time on the board come to an end, but we all certainly understand and support this decision.”

Kinsey was elected to the Board of Education in 2012 and dedicated her time with the board to continuing a tradition of excellence in Watauga County Schools. In her tenure, Kinsey said she hoped to encourage a love of lifelong learning in parents, students, teachers and administrators in the school system. She also stressed the importance of a sound technological education for all students.

Kinsey received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Latin from Baylor University in Texas, and a Master of Arts from Appalachian State University. She taught English and Latin at public schools, including Watauga High School, and at the college level for more than 38 years.

In 1982, Kinsey was named Wilkes County Teacher of the Year and while teaching in Watauga County was elected president of the Watauga County Association of Educators. She was among the first teachers to receive training at the North Carolina Teacher Academy.

“Because of her extensive experience at the high school level, Mrs. Kinsey was a great advocate for high school students and curriculum on the board. She was very dedicated to all students, but her expertise in high school education was a particularly strong guiding voice on the board for her entire tenure.”

“Mrs. Kinsey was a dedicated teacher and a dedicated board member and she enjoyed her time serving on the board of education as much as we enjoyed calling her a colleague.”

The board will announce the method of Mrs. Kinsey’s replacement in a coming statement.

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