Last Updated on August 1, 2011 7:44 pm

GRANDFATHER MOUNTAIN, NC – The weather data from the month of July recorded at the official US Weather Service reporting station located next to Grandfather Mountain’s Mile High Swinging Bridge shows warm temperatures and below-normal precipitation.

The average high temperature of 74.4 degrees was five degrees warmer than normal for July, and the average low temperature of 60.2 degrees was 3.7 degrees above normal for this time of year.

The rainfall total of 4.21 inches for the past month was 1.44 inches, or 25 percent, below the 55-year average rainfall total for July of 5.65 inches. Rain for the year-to-date totals 34.83 inches, which is 2.8 inches (or seven percent) below the 55-year norm for this time of year.

The weather station and anemometer located on top of the Mile High Swinging Bridge were struck by lightning on July 24. From July 1 to July 24 the highest wind gust recorded was 47.4 mph on July 12.

Once the weather station equipment is restored, Grandfather Mountain will begin reporting this data as its official weather readings. In addition to temperature and wind, this upgraded technology will allow for reports on dew point, humidity, heat index and wind chill. Starting at the end of August, Grandfather Mountain's weather stories will also include precipitation measurements from multiple areas of the Mountain.

For more information on the 55 years of weather data from Grandfather Mountain, see the interactive weather database at

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